Health Insurance: To Choose A Plan, Take A Cue From Online Dating –

So whats my advice? First, get some help or hire the right marriage broker, which in this case is an insurance broker. Having the right information on benefits versus costs is necessary when trying to compare plans. See what works best in your budget and lifestyle. Just as you would introduce a potential suitor to your friends and family and ask what they think, ask them for broker referrals. Next, talk to your doctor. Im assuming that you have a doctor whom you value and trust, and that you would want a health plan that allows you to continue with the same providers. As a way to control costs, many new health insurance plans have narrowed the pool of providers in their networks. And many plans have cut out-of-network benefits, so this means that you will have to find a new doctor, or face paying with cash to continue with your existing provider. RECOMMENDED: Key world markets to see big changes. Get in-depth reports FREE. Once you make the commitment to start a new relationship with an insurance company, understanding and learning what is, and isnt, covered is important because you cant cancel or change your plan until the next open enrollment period.
Health insurance: To choose a plan, take a cue from online dating –


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